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Pahalgam to Zadinag Trek

From Pahalgam to Sikargah to Gukhyan to Zadinag and back to Pahalgam:Day Hike from Pahalgam to Angan then Kannimul

It takes 1.5 hours to reach the beautiful place “The Brari Angan”. Many Gypsy families reside here during warmer months of the year. Many of these cultvate Maize, patato and beans. Gypsy people have cattle( Buffaloes, cows, sheeps and gosts) It takes us half an hour to reach to Kannimul. It is a plain upland pasture and mostly Inhabitant by shepherds during summer and Auntumn months. The mere look on this pasture fills our hearts with pleasure. Here one can have a rest, tea and lunch. (It takes us again two hours to reach back to Pahalgam.

“From Pahalgam to Dunpathri”

It takes thre hours to reach this beautiful spot. Here one can have view of wild chickens and wirds. The singing of these gives us peace of mind. We can have here rest and lunch. It takes us two hours to reach back to Pahalgam.